Interactive Cooking Sessions

for Individuals, Families or Groups

up to 10 people

ME: We will discuss your personal preferences, allergies, sensitivities & goals. From there I’ll create a strategy for us to be working on catered to your unique needs. I’ll introduce you to flavorful & exciting foods, as well as skills, to keep you & your group enjoying the experience. I’ll include an optimistic atmosphere that is simple, fun, nutritious & scrumptious.

YOU: You will provide your home that we can cook out of. Each person will have a hand in contributing to the outcome of this delicious homemade meal with love & confidence. This will leave you enlightened with new skills and will set you up for success in moving forward with a new appetite of accomplishment.

Girls Night In

for groups up to ten

ME: I will discuss menu options by exploring personal preferences of the group, restrictions, allergies and sensitivities. From there I'll create a harmonious dining experience for you and your guests to participate in making, that is fun, simple, nutritious and scrumptious, in an optimistic atmosphere. I will then serve you a delightful meal that everyone had a hand in making.

YOU: You will provide the home this will be hosted from and feel free to invite your guests to bring a drink of choice. Each person will leave this experience enlightened with new cooking skills they can use with their families, as well as a little something home made by them.


Tie One On

add creative cocktails or wine

knowledge to your repertoire  

ME: We will discuss personal preferences, allergies, sensitivities & goals in order to accommodate groups for menu options. I will instruct groups in an optimistic manner to create positive involvement of each person, strong communication & rewarding outcomes in order to set people up for success.

YOU: You will provide the venue. Each person will have an integral hand in participating in the success of what the group is making. This will leave group members enlightened with new skills & will set them up for success in order to move forward with confidence.

Kids Only Cooking Class

for groups up to 6

ME: I will discuss personal preferences, allergies, sensitivities & menu options. I’ll introduce kids to a fun, exciting, nutritious & supportive classroom setting.


KIDS: You will provide the home we will be working out of. Each kid will have a hand in creating the menu items chosen. Kids will leave with some of what they made, as well as a new cultivated creativity in the kitchen.