Shopping & Pantry Assessment

ME: We will discuss personal preferences, allergies, sensitivities & goals. I will take you on a tour of a grocery store in a neighborhood close to you. We will see what’s available for your needs & go over reading of nutrition labels together. We will then take a look at your pantry & we can talk about an assessment, in a supportive environment, based on your goals.

YOU: You will suggest some information about the neighborhood &/or store in which you shop where we can meet up. You’ll also provide the home we will be working from.

Nutrition Consulting & Meal Planning

-We will assess your goals, restrictions & nutritional needs. I'll develop a mindful, detailed plan for executing with confidence an appetite for accomplishment.

-Set yourself up for succeeding with a conscious, clean, and healthy lifestyle. 

-I am knowledgable in Clean eating, Gluten free, Vegan, Diabetic friendly & all Food Allergy accommodations.