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Meet Darby

I am a San Antonio based Garden Consultant, Private Chef specializing in teaching people how to cook nutrient dense meals & Creator of Magical Moments.

I really enjoy a run on sentence... I take pride in clean, organic & sustainable ways of celebrating life as well as forging a business that shares those values in order to do what is best for every body & every part of the world in which we share with so many living things. Creating kitchen gardens from my cheffy ways to share with fellow chefs, is more rewarding than I can express for all parties involved. I value my tree hugging ways & make sure it has a place in all that I do. Some of which you can find in my online store.


My work in culinary arts began over twenty years ago & has since allowed me the freedom to turn over many new leaves in order to grow in the direction of what is needed by my clients as well as the progressive world we live. In doing so, I'm moving in the direction of making all dishes gluten free, as most of them have been this way for decades. In addition, when baking I use lower glycemic index sugars to ensure better health for those I serve. I'm also expanding my Vegan & Paleo menu items so I can better serve all palates. All the while maintaining exquisite flavor development in every dish. I embrace the requests of All as a challenge accepted & revel in the hopes of using many of my creative gifts as a part of everyone's epic experience. My warm yet professional demeanor has been endorsed by the lot & my savoir-faire energy will render me as indispensable in the eye of the beholder.

Looking forward to hearing from you! 


Private Chef

Let's geek out on a five course meal paired delicately with adult beverages or mocktails


Cooking Instructor

I will teach y'all a wonderfully made meal paired beautifully with some fun instruction & skills to be savored 


Certified Nutritionist

Let's look at what your goals are & we will manage a successful practice that will make you feel unstoppable  

Blog Post of the Week

Vegan Kimchi



1 large Napa cabbage (2 pounds give or take)

1/4 cup sea salt or kosher salt

1 large daikon radish peeled & cut into matchsticks

6 large green onions trimmed & cut into one inch pieces

2 large rainbow carrots peeled & cut into thin circles

5 radishes trimmed & cut into thin half moons



5-6 garlic cloves

2 TBL grated ginger

1 small sweet onion

1 small sweet apple (pink lady is what I use)

6 TBL korean red pepper flakes

4 TBL gluten free tamari soy sauce

Click Below for Full Recipe


Nicole O.

Sandwich, MA

Absolutely loved it.

Amazing food and charismatic chef.

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